SkinBoss has been tested by babes for over 2 years before it finally made it’s appearance on the market in november 2015, now we have raving fans and we are the beauty award winner for the best body scrub in 2016.


While some exfoliants can be dehydrating or irritating, SkinBoss coffee scrub is nourishing, gentle and rejuvenating—which is exactly what your skin needs right now. It sloughs off dead skin cells ,gives you a rosy glow and most importantly makes your body feel super clean and moisturized. The blend of powerful antioxidants coffee and birch leaves handpicked on Icelandic mountaines combined with rice enzymes and skin soothing cocoabutter makes this a must have for the cold winter months when your skin is needing extra love. Or the bikini season when you want to sport glowing healthy skin.


SkinBoss has been tested by babes for over 2 years before it finally made it’s appearance on the market in november 2015, now we have raving fans and we are the beauty award winner for the best body scrub in 2016. Received the gold star from Nýtt Líf magazine. What you will experience after first use: Softer ,smoother skin deeply nourished in oils and antioxidants. The film that covers your body from top to toe works for 24 hours hydrating,protecting your skin from the elements, tightining and nourishing your body long after your shower.

What to expect after 4 weeks of regular use 3-5 times per week:

Toned firmed skin with less water retention ,cellulite, stretch marks, dry spots, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin have significantly improved. Increased blood flow, immune system and collagen production stimulated.The protective balm that covers your body repairs damaged skin and protects you from dry and cold weather conditions. how to use: put 1,5 spoon of coffee scrub in a bowl, mix in a little shower water until creamy, rub in circular motions allover your newly washed body, focusing on your trouble zones. leave on for 5 min and rinse off. pat skin dry, no need for a moisturizer.  You are ready to glow.


Combination of wild Icelandic herbs. Birch leaves that help flush out excess water weight, rich in vitamin C, full of antioxidants and healing. Thyme is good for swelling and acne.Yarrow has healing and softening properties for the skin.French Lavander, Cocoa butter from Africa that will nourish your skin, Coconut oil, essential orange oil and epsom salt that fills your body with magnesium, gets ridd of exess water and stimulates the lymphatic system.


One handful in a bath or 1 tablespoon for footbath. The salt will dissolve, the butter and oils will melt into the water and the herbs will diffuse their essence in your bath. It is good to relax in the bath for about 30-40 min and drink a tall glass of water after your bath, since the epsom salt is anti water retaining. There is no need for body lotion after the bath since the oils will cover your body and continue to give you benefits even after you have gotten dressed.


It is pleasant to enjoy Vatnajökull after a long day running errands, to rejuvenate and relax the body, fill it up with magnesium that has calming stress free properties.


Put 2 tablespoons of Vatnajökull Bath salt in your footbath And feel your feet get relaxation and softening (great time to remove callus) reverse osmosis is what makes your feet discharge the water weight and fill up on the magnesium from the epsom salt.Great to use before/after flight and if your whole body retains water take a bath.


ClayBabe only has 2 ingredients french green clay and wild Icelandic thyme they work as a power couple to fix your complexion. the green clay draws out impurity’s such as heavy metals, oils, sebum, oxidated oils, wax, sweat and dead skin cells. while it infuses your skin with minerals, reducing inflammation, smoothing the skins surface and prepping you for long wear makeup. we hike up the Icelandic mountains and gather wild arctic thyme. Thyme evens out sebum production, has inflammatory property’s, antimicrobial, anti fungal, antioxidants, and phenol.


For the first 6 uses of Claybabe your skin gets red with extra blood flow, it is due to the heavy metals leaving your system and the clogged pores receiving better blood flow. after 15 min your skin will feel super soft and alive. with continues use you will deflate all swelling, deep cleanse your pores making them less visible. Reduce sebum production and help your skin fight acne.


Mix half a teaspoon ClayBabe with half a teaspoon water, stir mixture into a paste, apply evenly over your face, leave on for 10 min, rinse your skin before completely dry and moisturize.


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