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ClayBabe only has 2 ingredients french green clay and wild Icelandic thyme they work as a power couple to fix your complexion. the green clay draws out impurity's such as heavy metals, oils, sebum, oxidated oils, wax, sweat and dead skin cells. while it infuses your skin with minerals, reducing inflammation, smoothing the skins surface and prepping you for long wear makeup. we hike up the Icelandic mountains and gather wild arctic thyme. Thyme evens out sebum production, has inflammatory property's, antimicrobial, anti fungal, antioxidants, and phenol.


for the first 6 uses of Claybabe your skin gets red with extra blood flow, it is due to the heavy metals leaving your system and the clogged pores receiving better blood flow. after 15 min your skin will feel super soft and alive. with continues use you will deflate all swelling, deep cleanse your pores making them less visible. Reduce sebum production and help your skin fight acne.

How to use:

Mix half a teaspoon ClayBabe with half a teaspoon water, stir mixture into a paste, apply evenly over your face, leave on for 10 min, rinse your skin before completely dry and moisturize.